About iCompound Compounding Chemists

At iCompound compounding chemists we make medications tailored specifically to you.

Mass produced Medicines Are Not For Everyone

Mass produced medicines made for anyone don’t always work for everyone.

Patients may be allergic to preservatives, colours or flavours, or sensitive to the standard drug strength, or can not take the form of delivery from a manufactured drug.

We are all individuals and our bodies handle and respond to medications in different ways.

The Compounding Chemist Difference

This is why people turn to a compound chemist , and this is where a compound pharmacy like iCompound can help.

At iCompound we have the equipment, raw materials and the knowledge to tailor make medications prescribed specifically for you.

A Compound Chemist Can Change Flavour, Strength, Delivery Method

With the doctor’s consent a compound chemist can change the flavour, strength and form of delivery of the drug to make it easier and more palatable for the patient.

A compounding chemist can choose from several unique delivery systems such as sublingual troche or lozenge, lollipop, gels, creams, capsules, pessaries, suppositories and suspensions. Allowing your compound chemist to use the delivery system that is most beneficial to the patient be they as young as a newborn to an older person not able to take their current medication, in its current mass-produced form.

Some examples of products prepared by a compound chemist at a compound pharmacy include:

  • creams for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
  • melatonin liquids and capsules to aid sleep in adults and children
  • bioidentical hormone creams and
  • capsules to help treat menopause and hormone imbalances in the body

Other Areas That Use Compounding Chemist Skills

Our compounding techniques are also applied to:

  • paediatric medicine
  • reflux
  • veterinary medicine
  • dentistry
  • medication flavouring
  • chronic pain and
  • podiatry

Strict Guidelines

Medications prepared by iCompound are prepared under strict guidelines set out by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Every compounding chemist at iCompound strictly follows these guidelines.

An iCompound Compouding Chemist must sight your doctor’s prescription before they manufacture your medication.

Please feel free to Contact us with any questions that you have regarding our service.