Obtaining Your Medicine from Our Compound Pharmacy

Your physician has decided that you need a prescription. It may be a long haul into town, but now there is a simpler way to get the whole process started. Simply create a good quality image of your prescription, and send it by e-mail or fax directly to our compound pharmacy.

One of our skilled iCompound chemists will begin to make your medication precisely, according to your doctor’s directions. While we’re taking care of that, just slip your prescription into an envelope and send it to us by post. As soon as it arrives iCompound will deliver your medicine right to your door! It couldn’t be easier.

Why use a Compounding Pharmacy like iCompound?

Precision! We are all individuals. No two of us are alike, and your doctor knows that—physically he probably knows you better than you know yourself.
By using an iCompound pharmacist, you allow us to make “just what the doctor ordered”, to his exact specifications. That means your medicine is specifically tuned to you and your precise needs.

  • We can remove ingredients that you might be allergic to while retaining the benefit of the original drug
  • We can change the format of the medication to make it more palatable. For example, perhaps you’re encountering difficulty with your children taking their ADHD medicine, but what if it was in the form of a fruit-flavoured lollipop?
  • We can make a dosage that is safer and more convenient for you (eliminating all the arduous pill-splitting or guesswork)
  • We can also make medicines that are no longer made by large drug companies which you still require

A compounding pharmacy offers you and your medical practitioner flexibility and customisation – it gives you both more choices.

What Does a Compounding Chemist do?

As a compounding chemist, iCompound is able to reformulate medication in a variety of ways to add to the effectiveness of your medical treatment. Reformulation might comprise:

  • Making a lower dose version of a mass produced medication so it can be more easily and safely taken (by a child, for example)
  • Removing or replacing a non-active ingredient such as a binder agent or preservative used in a mass produced drug that might be producing an allergic reaction
  • Adding flavours to your medication to make it more palatable and easier to take
  • Converting medication into a lozenge or lollipop (for example) to make it more convenient and easier to consume
  • Converting medication into a topical cream with the aim of reducing potential side effects

What Kind of Prescriptions Can A Compound Chemist Fill?

As a compound chemist is able to custom-make medication, he or she can make medicine for a wide variety of purposes including:

  • dentistry – including fluoride treatments
  • podiatry –  medicine to deal with specific wounds or circulatory issues
  • pain management – including topical gels, sprays, creams
  • dermatology
  • paediatrics – more convenient and effective formats, lower dosage for children
  • infertility treatment
  • A suitably trained compound chemist can even formulate and make veterinary medicine.